washing powder packing machine

Product ID: GH4530BF

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Technical Specifications:

1. Name: Large volume powder packing machine, milk powder packing machine, flour packing machine, coffee packaging machine

2. Model: GH4530BF

3. Article: Powder

4. Range of measuring: 2000ml

5. Measuring method: Auger

6. Size of bag: L80-310mm W120-210mm

7. Capacity: 25-60bags/min

8. Control style: PLC control system + English interface

9. Power: 4kw

10. Power supply: AC380V 50Hz/AC220V 50Hz

11. Weight: 400kg

12. Dimensions: 1140mm*1330mm*2460mm

13. Film material: Paper/polyethylene; cellophane/polyethylene; plated aluminum/polyethylene;
BOPP/polyethylene; nylon/polyethylene

14. Sealing style: Back sealing/Gusseted bag


Automatic accomplish measuring, making bags, filling, sealing, cutting, printing codes and making easy tearing notches. It can make pillow sealing bag or gusseted bag. It's widely used in packing powder, such as milk powder, flour, coffee, cacao powder, curry etc.
  • curry packing machine
    • Automatic measuring,making bags,filling,sealing,cutting,printing codes and making easy tearing notch.
  • flour packing machine
  • medicine powder packing machine
  • powder packing machine
  • packing machine

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