fingerprint usb flash drive(360°  Rotary)

fingerprint usb flash drive(360° Rotary)

Fingerprint usb disk,encryption usb drive,secure usb disk,safe usb,security usb,proteck your inforamtion from leakage.

Product ID: AFU-812

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fingerprint usb drive,no need remember passwords, 99% recognition rate, read and write speed. Original Samsung FLASH, factory direct, two-year warranty.
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    • Strong secrecy,Password free,99% Match rate,Fast data transfer
  • Fashion,Encrypting,High speed,Exquisite,Convenient
  • Fingerprint U Disk,first choice as gifts,Fingerprint U Disk,Speical high-tech U disk as gifts.
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    • Fingerprint U disk encryption is software encryption U disk,more privacy, no need remember passwords, 99% recognition rate, read and write speed. Original Samsung FLASH, factory direct, two-year warranty.
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        • Shenzhen Andvan Technology Co., Ltd specialized in the production .99% recognition rate, read and write faster. Samsung original FLASH, two-year warranty. Timely delivery, gift packaging, OEM/ODM, there are quality problems accept Returns!
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    • Fingerprint USB flash disk (360° Rotary) AFU-812
  • 1.using original SAMSUNG FLASH chip and product with superior reliability.
  • 2.Adding and deleting the fingerprint, you can store 10 different fingerprints for multi-user to use.
  • 3. File encryption.
  • 4.No need to install any driver, it is "plug and play", click on"my computer" and the icon of the fingerprint software,operate according to the notice.
  • 5. It is divided being by encryption plate and common plate
  • 7.Slide-type fingerprint reader can slide for over one million times, fingerprint recognition is fast and accurate.
  • 8.Support high-capacity (2 GB to 16 GB) FLASH, fully satisfied consumer memory needs
  • 9.Support Windows 2000 SP3 ,SP4 / XP 32 bit, 64 bit / Vista 32 bit,64 bit
  • 10.Product dimension: 72*21.5*11 mm N.W.: 28.0g
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  • 9000

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