card shape fingerprint usb disk

card shape fingerprint usb disk

Andvan Security Fingerprint Flash disk

Product ID: AFU-087

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Imagine how you would feel if you lost your USB Flash Drive, stuffed full of personal files, private information and confidential documents.
It's a daily occurrence out there and it's only a matter of time before your device is stolen, lost or accidentally left in a computer.
Andvan Technology specialize in the protection of your confidential information and have a range of products to suit the low budget student all the way through to the corporate giant.


1.Original SAMSUNG FLASH chip and product with superior reliability.
2.Adding and deleting the fingerprint, you can store 10 different fingerprints for multi-user to use.
3.File encryption,backup password.
4.No need to install any driver, plug and play, run the fingerverify software to operate security zone.
5.One disk,two partitions,security partition and public partition for different storage need.
6.Security zone and public zone repartition available.
7.Fingerprint reader can be slid for over one million times, fingerprint recognition is fast and accurate.
8.Support high-capacity (2 GB to 16 GB) FLASH, fully satisfied consumer memory needs
9.Support Windows 2000 SP3 ,SP4 / XP 32 bit, 64 bit / Vista 32 bit,64 bit
10.Product dimension: 85*53*4mm
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