flexible PCB board

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Professional FPC manufacturer,supply one-top service,high quality,short lead time,reasonable price,HDI,Components,PCB assembly.
All of our products are according to ISO9001:2000, UL and ISO14001:2004 .

Our Services:
* Prototype PCB Fabrication
* Prototype Assembly Runs
* PCB Pre-production and Production Runs (1-30 layers, include HDI board and Al base material boards)
* Laser Photoplotting
* Electronic components
* PCB and FPC Assembly
* Flex (1-8 layers) and Rigid-Flex (1-6 layers) Circuit Manufacturing
* PCB Design and PCB Layout Service
* Repair Boards
* Consulting

Our Quality Policy:
* Pursuing "zero" errors is our goal, "making a profit for customers" is our direction and "continuing to improve" is our service motto.

Main Products

HDI ,High frequency board ,Rigid&flexible combining board ,Aluminum-ba