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AJ-2205 Ventilator are suitable for the children, the adults, widely used in the hospital wards, ICU, A & E.

Main technical parameters
*Display mode 5.7 inch high clear display
*Ventilation mode
*Ventilation parameters
Tidal volume 50~1500ml
Frequency 4~60bpm
I:E 2:1~1:8
Trigger sensitivity -0.1~-1.0Kpa
PEEP 0~1.0Kpa
Pressure control 1~6Kpa
SIGH 1.5 breath times
*Ventilation monitoring parameters
Tidal volume,Ventilation,IPPV ratio,breath/expiratory ratio,peak pressure,Pressure-time wave,velocity-time wave,total respiratory rate,airway pressure wave,PEEP,breath pressure trigger
*Monitoring oxygen concentration 21%~100% (choose and match )
*Security Alert System
Oxygen concentration alarm (choose and match )
Upper limit setting range 50%~100%
Low limit setting range 15%~50%
Airway pressure alarm
Upper limit setting range 1 ~6 KPa
Low limit setting range 0.4~2 KPa
Minute volume alarm
Upper limit setting range 3.0~30L/min
Low limit setting range 1~10L/min
Asphyxia alarm
The machine will give sound and light alarm if there is no tida volume input in 15s Power failure alarm.
*Power AC 220V±10% 50Hz±1Hz UPS,Battery (choose and match)
.AJ-2205 Ventilator are suitable for

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