Electrical transformer: MR Series

Product ID: MR Series

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This is a new type product., It not only has all the features of MR Series Current Transformer., But also makes many improvement as bellows: The design of appearance is more perfect, there is a cover fixed on the products. The note was published on the shell of product directly, the fixing method of bus bar and cable is more simply.
  • Techinical Characteristics
    • Primary current: 30A-5000A.
  • Secondary current: 5A, 1A
  • Maximum voltage: 0.72KV
  • Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Rated load: 5VA-15VA
  • Class 1.0 3.0
  • Short-time thermal Current: 1th =100x1h
  • Rated security coefficient: FS

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