Anwan International Trade Co., Ltd.
We can help you to source for ANY products from China to find lower cost products or to outsource your production with Chinese manufacturers to reduce your production cost. We have been helping foreign clients in sourcing & outsourcing from China since 2003 & we have done a wide range of products such as automotive products/parts, cosmetic products/accessories, fashion accessories, gifts, toys, printing/packaging, gifts & others.

What makes us different from other sourcing agents/trading company is that we actually source, distribute & sell some of the products through our sister's company retail & distribution channels in Southeast Asia. Currently we are distributing to more than 1,500 stores & we are selling more than 100 different products. Through our own experience, we hope we can offer & share the knowledge with our clients.

We provide a full service from initial sourcing of the product, obtaining prices & samples, negotiating contracts, inspect factories, quality control, loading inspection, custom clearance & logistic issues. For outsourcing, we will produce the mold, obtain samples, pre-production inspection, manage the production & communicate with the factory therefore overcoming the language barrier & ensure that the final product is within the agreed standard. We also can help with the packaging of the final product & your own private branding (OEM).

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any inquiry about our service or any products that you wish to source/outsource. We welcome both short & long term projects. Some of the products that we source/outsource are being distributed in 50 States in USA since 2004. As long as you can satisfy the minimum order required by the factory, we will do our best to help you.

We are also looking for partners in various countries to introduce new clients with profit-sharing arrangement.

Please don't hesitate to contact us by email or browse our website ( for more details.

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