face mask making machine

Product ID: AD-200-A

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working power 220±5V 50Hz 10A
(built-in electric wire netting filtering circuit)
output power 1500w (adjustable 3 phase power)
output frequency 20KHz (auto frequency-tracking system)
pattern mould fitting to 23mm-65mm
pattern moulds with different width
(including 1 inch and 2 inch standard mould)
running speed 0-10m/min
effective width 0-65mm
environment temperature -10-28
machine weight net weight 115KG; total weight with the packing 165KG
dimension of wooden case 1300mm( length )×650mm( width )×1500mm( height

The operations of side scrap and trimming can be carried out at the sane time.The
sidescrap in one side melting can be carriedout at the same time.It make the side smooth,no roughness and no coares side.
Make holes
the holes with defferent patterns can be cut and the tre tment o f side mtlting canbe carried outtoo.
Transfer printing
transfer - printing the transfer paper or golden foil paper on the materidls.
Melting weld
two layers or multi-layers can be meltedtogether . It is not necessary to use thersad and needle .This process ca re place sewing . Moreover the melted strength is excellent.
Cut material
this machine can cut material for single piece or many pieces at the same time.Moreover if can carry out the treatmentof side melting.There is no coarse side..
press the pattern wheel.At the same time the process of cutting,hole breaking and patter printing can be carried out.It makes
the product form in one time..
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