High frequency and high voltage X-ray flaw detector

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This product has the advantage of high reliability and high precision of repeatability. The quick-response monitor system can output tiny ripple voltage and generate high x ray dose. This product’s technology has achieved patent right.

Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage Range: 220VAC±10%; Frequency: 50HZ±2%; Input Power: ≥5KW

Output Voltage Range: 20KV-450KV; KV Adjusting Accuracy: 0.1KW; Output Current: 30mA;
mA adjusting accuracy: 0.1mA; Cycle of Operation: continuous

[Working Environment]
Temperature: 5-50℃; Humidity: ≤80%; Air Atmosphere: 70kPa-106kPa;
Dimension of Controller: 500×346×80mm; Dimension of high voltage generator: 830×476×1080mm

Features of model ZLB(YLB-2) water (oil) cooling pump
 Full stainless steel pump body;
 Strong power and low noise. Because the rust and scale is not easy to be produced during the long time of water circulating, water circulation is hard to be blocked;
 The multifunctional temperature displaying meter is with high precision;
 Strong cooling compressor can in short time reduce water temperature from the up-limited temperature to the low-limited temperature;
 Flow sensor with high sensitivity is safe and reliable, which can accurately judge the flow rate.
 This product has already obtained two national patent rights.

Features of model H225 high voltage generator
The maximum output voltage: -225kv (negative pole), +225kv (positive pole);
The maximum output current: 30mA
The maximum output power: 3kw;
Insulation method: oil insulation

Features of model T7000 controller
Color touch-screen;
Plastic panel, dustproof and waterproof;
PLC control, strong anti-interference ability and high control precision;
Automatically memory the time and turning on and off high voltage, automatic training operation;
KV, mA and time can be preset;
The shortcut safety switch and lead-door interlock protect human body from radiation;
Timing can be set at random;
Programmable running and one-key chose function are greatly convenient for regular repeat work.

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