Ardennespool 11kw swimming pool heat pump,spa and pool water heater,bathtub water heater,heat pump

Product ID: AP-110A(M) / AP-110C

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Model: AP-110A(M)/AP-110C(M)spa and pool water heater,bathtub heat pump
Color: grey/white
Heating Capacity: 11kw; 37530BTU/h
Heating Power Input: 2.16kw
Running Current: 9.8A
Power Supply: 220V/ 1Ph/ 50Hz
Compressor Brand: Panasonic®
Compressor Quantity: 1
Fan Quantity: 1
Fan Power Input: 50W
Fan Rotate speed: 900RPM
Fan Direction: horizontal
Noise: 48DB(A)
Water Connection: 50mm
Water Flow Volume: 4~9m3 /h
Water Pressure Drop(max): 15kpa
Unit Net Dimensions (L/W/H): 1010mm/300mm/610mm
Unit Shipping Dimensions(L/W/H): 1010mm/360mm/700mm
Net Weight/Shipping Weight: 87kg/93kg
Sample Availability : Yes
Quality Process Certifications: ISO : 9001 2008,CE,CCC,ROHS
  • Metal heat pump for spas and pool
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  • high efficient, energy saving and environment friendly, high-tech spas and pool water heater
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  • CE
  • CCC
  • ROHS
  • ISO9001
  • 2008

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