Instrumentation Cables to BS 5308

Product ID: ATL01

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These cables are designed for transmission of anglog and digital signals, and the interconnection of electrical equipment and instruments, particular for the process control industry.
  • Conductors:
    • Annealed solid copper(Class 1), stranded(Class 2), or flexible(Class 5) to BS 6360.
  • Pair Ideatification
    • a) Collectively screened cables: Color coded in accordance with Color Code as per BS5308 standard.
  • b) Individually screened pairs: One white core and one black core in each pair. Pairs identified by numbered screen isolation tape.
    • Screen:
      • (Overall Screen)
    • (Indiviudual Screen + Overall Screen)
    • (Overall Screen + Steel Wire Armour)
    • (Individual Screen+ Overall Screen+Steel Wire Armour)
  • Insulation:
    • PE/XLPE

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