Easy Access NT+2ab

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Details:Get the economy of analog, quality of digital and the speed of ISDN— the best of all worlds integrated in a single product Easy Access Web NT+2ab
The Easy Access Web NT+2ab with an inbuilt data interface and ISDN TA functionality allows you to additionally connect 2 analogue phones or 1 analogue phone and 1 G3 fax without compromising on the advantages of an ISDN line.

Euro-ISDN Standard
Operating range up to 5.5 km with wire
diameter of 0.6 mm
Two S interfaces
Two Analog (ab) interfaces
DTMF / Pulse dialing options Three MSN numbers programmable
ab interface
Local programming via a DTMF telephone
Built-in power supply
Two LED’s
Internal call switching on analog interfaces
USB interface Connection

1 x USB connector
USB V1 .1 compliant Protocols

V.110, V.120, PPP, ML-PPP, X.75,
128k Channel Bundling, Call Bumping

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