Digital Control Hi-Speed Slitting Machine

Product ID: BYFQ-1300H

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BYFQ-1300H Digital Control Hi-Speed Slitting Machine
Technology data
Width of unwinding(max) 1250mm
Diameter of unwinding(max) φ800mm
Tension of unwinding(max) 100N-m
Diameter of rewinding(max) φ600mm
Width of rewinding(min) >60mm
Working speed(max) 400m/min

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Main features:
Vector inverter drive, PLC centralized control-machine dialogue interface, touch screen display.
Automatic constant tension unwinding, shaftless cone roof.
Hydraulic pressure hoistering device.
Have meter counting and length control function.Accurate length counting.
Laser paper core positioning.
Vertical slip rewinding, variable tension rewinding. Have unloading rack.
.high quality and reasonal price

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