Hi-Scan Bluetooth SD Laser Barcode Scanner

Hi-Scan Bluetooth SD Laser Barcode Scanner

Bluetooth SD Laser Barcode Scanner

Product ID: HS-6000-W3

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System Feature
1.CPU is ARM CORTEX M3, frequency reaches 50MHz. It uses RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing), built-in high speed RAM which makes it 3 times faster than other regular ARM.
2.UZ-TIME operation system includes FAT system which can be recognized and operated on the computer as removable disk, It can operate files by copy, paste, create, delete, and modify etc
3.Built-in HASH database, increase the speed of searching or locating records. Theoretically, a record can be found in 0.1S among 10 billion records. Technical department test result, a record can be located in 0.1S in 100 M datum (memory). Its advantage will be more obvious when it equips with monitor/display.
4. 975M available memory for user.
5.Data reader cable can be recognized by Windows 98/98se/me,Windows 2000/xp,Mac OS 9/x,LINUX 4.0 or higher version. It is compliant with protocol USB 2.0 HIGH SPEED. The highest data upload/download transmission speed reaches 480Mbps when the length of cable is less then 10 CM
6.Technical department provides software application according to customer requirement.
  • Bluetooth Feature
    • 1.FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) reach 1600 per second, 800 units of Bluetooth scanner can work under the same environment at the same time, without interrupting each other.
  • Bluetooth Feature
    • 2.Standard Bluetooth Class 2, transmission distance 10 meters, usually 30 meters at most.
  • 3.On the PC side, use an application can realize RS232, KBW, USB data inputting.
    • Bluetooth Feature
      • 4.AT Command: User can change Baud rate for different working environment, different user name for data transmission safety. (Scan barcode setting manual)
    • Bluetooth Feature
      • 5.Bond with Bluetooth smart phone or PDA, operation system like Symbian (Nokia S40, S60), Win CE, and Win Mobile.
    • Power
      • 1900Mah Li-ion battery, keeps the scanner non-stop running 10 hours. Warm/soft reboot switch easily turns the scanner into the power save mode, so power save mode can be considered as forever long
  • Recommended Usage
    • Recording Barcode Journal, Express delivery barcode collecting, Postal barcode collecting (because usually the postal barcode is one and only, so this kind of large memory product will be great for this kind of job) Meanwhile, it also can create different file according to the employee number, and date etc.
  • Recommended Usage
    • For example, ticket inspection system. User can download Pre-Sold ticket information into the scanner. By programming, it can have functions like preventing repeated barcode entry, inspecting ticket, recording quantity etc.
  • ISO9001:2000

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