IBM Laptop Battery

Product ID: 02K6576

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Specify: Type: Li-ion
Volt: 14.8 V
Capacity: 4000 mAh
Color: black
Dimension: 164.20x77.30x26.60 mm
This laptop battery can replace the following part numbers:

02K6576 02K6578
FRU 02K6577

This laptop battery is also compatible with the following models:

ThinkPad i1400 Type 2611- 552 ThinkPad i1400 Type 2611-40x ThinkPad i1400 Type 2611-412
ThinkPad i1400 Type 2611-43x(except 434 and 435) ThinkPad i1400 Type 2611-452 ThinkPad i1400 Type 2611-456
ThinkPad i1400 Type 2611-47x ThinkPad i1400 Type 2611-49x ThinkPad i1400 Type 2611-512
ThinkPad i1412 ThinkPad i1434 ThinkPad i1452
ThinkPad i1470 ThinkPad i1472 ThinkPad i1476
ThinkPad i1500 Type 2611-40x ThinkPad i1500 Type 2611-412 ThinkPad i1500 Type 2611-43x(except 434 and 435)
ThinkPad i1500 Type 2611-452 ThinkPad i1500 Type 2611-456 ThinkPad i1500 Type 2611-47x
ThinkPad i1500 Type 2611-49x ThinkPad i1500 Type 2611-512 ThinkPad i1500 Type 2611-552
ThinkPad i1541 ThinkPad i1542 ThinkPad i1552
.IBM Laptop Battery

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