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What RF care for:
1.kill deep&tiny wrinkle in skin, as on the forehead,neck,around mouth and eyes etc.
2. Facelift, skin tightening,shrinking the thick pores,repair the pregnant lines.etc.
3.To improve the orange-peel liked tissue on legs,arms,hips,thighs ,etc.
4. Eyes care(Removal tiny crow's-feet, eliminate eye socket,lighten black eye orbits,
improve the eye figure.)
5.Resist skin aging, rebirth the collagen, repair spider veins,recover the youth.
6. Remove acne,and scars of acne.remove and light pigment melanin.
7.To kill unwanted fat from thighs,abdomen,lift and tighten the waist.
8.Adjust and lifting breast.
9.Improving the rate of skin metabolism,The Anti-age of the whole body.

【Features and Advantages】
1. High applied-range: impedance technology treatment, suitable to all kinds of skins, applied-range is larger.
2. High safety: epidermis is cooled by constant temperature, no operation, no anesthesia, no injection and no unbearable pain.
3. High efficiency: collagen tissue will shrink immediately when the temperature reaches 45-60°C, the skin can be lifted and tightened after one treatment.
4. Permanent effect: During 2-6 months after treatment, collagen albumin in the skin reorganizes gradually. Skin becomes smooth, wrinkles turn shallow, and the effect is permanent.
5. Quick treatment: the treatment time is short, and suitable to quick-consumed people.
6. High investment reward: wide usage and high charge can return the investment quickly.
7. High technology, new technique and high satisfaction of customers: different from traditional wrinkle dispelling and modeling means, fashionable worldwide.
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