Original Garrett Turbocharger for IVECO-2.5, 2.8L

Product ID: IVECO turbocharger

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IVECO- 2.5, 2.8L Garrett turbocharger (turbo charger). OEM NO. 99431083 / 99431084 / 99449169/99449170.

Application- SOFIM engine
8140(2). 27S(47) 2.5L EURO I
8140(2). 43 2.8L EUROII
8140(2). 43S(N) 2.8L EUROIII

IVECO- 2.5, 2.8L Garrett turbocharger (turbo charger) is powered by the gas exhausted from engine, which rotates the turbine wheel to cause the compressor wheel to spin, so as to have more air intake. The temperature of the compressed air drops after passing the inter-cooler, and the density of the compressed air is further increased, which allow the injection of more fuel or made fuel combustion more complete. So the engine can produce more power and less emission, and have power compensation when works in plateaus.
.Original Garrett Turbocharger for I

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