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Jigsaw puzzle machine SRH-40

for 2000pcs jigsaw puzzles in size 80*100cm(max)
Style: SRH-40
Processing width: 970mm
SizeL 1470*1110*990mm
Power: 2.2kw
Power Supply: 380V /110V/220V
Weight: 500kg
Surface: 2mm thick stainless steel.
Guarrantee: 1 year
2000pcs Jigsaw puzzles in size max 80*100cm.
1000pcs jigsaw puzzles in size 50*75cm.
500pcs jigsaw puzzle in size: 40*50cm.
  • for 3000pcs puzzle
    • New Features:
  • 1. The Jigsaw puzzle machine is electrical driven, uper axis and lower axis can run at the same time.
  • 2. The axises have reversal running function, they are hollow made which have ensured the strength for cutting.
  • So far, jigsaw puzzles are enjoyed by both children and adults, and many families have more than one sets of these toys. But in the past they are limited in pictures over the board, which caused it lack of interest. However, it has been changed as the personalized jigsaw puzzle machine come into being. You can make a puzzle with any picture you want. And you can make full use of you mind and your creative ability to produce jigsaw puzzles for yourself.

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