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fire fighting equipmentd

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Electric and manual hydraulic test pump is mainly used in hydrostatic test for various pressure containers, oxygen cylinder, pipe, valve and steam boiler. It is a device in the new technology of processing and high pressure source for liquid in the lab.
  • High precision automatic product li
    • The product line filled the blank in the country and won the national utility-type patents. This product line features automatic filling, automatic washing, automatic air inflation, automatic inspection.
  • Main Technical parameters
  • 1.Productivity:220 cylinder/h for 4kg cylinder
  • 2.Filling accuracy: Be superior to 7/1000 within 1kg range
  • 3.Adaptable fire extinguisher cylinder size: 1kg-12kg
  • 4.Matched power: 10.8kw
  • 5.Dry power filling pressure: 0.4~0.8
  • 6.Power supply: AC 380 V/220V
    • Valve Assembly / Dissasembly Device
      • Air operated unit for removing / installing valve assemblies.
    • Hydraulic Cylinder Test Machine
      • Suitable for testing all types of fire extinguisher, and designed to acommodate 20 extinguisher cylinders at one time. 6.3 MPa exhaust pressure, 160 L/h flux rate, 32cm Plunger diameter, 51s Reciprocating time, 1.1 Kw motor power, 655mm (L) x 480 (W) x 1055 (H), 150kg weight. If you are unsure about your requirements, please contact us for more information.
    • Automatic dry powder filling machin
      • Machine for filling dry powder extinguishers automatically. Power: 0.55Kw, Voltage: 220V, Filling precision: 0.02kg per Kg, Filling speed: 6-12Kg / min, weight: 200Kg, Dimensions: 1130mm x 520mm x 1350mm.
    • Nitrogen Gas Filling machine
      • Unit designed for pressurising fire extinguishers: Voltage 220V, power 100W, Filling pressure 1.7MPa, Dimensions 590mm x 500mm x 1000mm, weight 30kg
  • Airtight Check Machine
    • Voltage: 308/220 Operating Temperature: 0 - 100 Celcius Power: 4-8Kw Dimensions 108cm x 85cm x 90cm Weight: 95kg
  • MYG Drying box
    • This machine is invented by our company according to the requirement of fire fighting field.
  • Specifications:
  • Overall size: 1000*850*900mm
  • Weight: 95Kg
  • Voltage: 380V or 220V
  • Temperature: 0℃-100℃
  • Power: 4-8KW
    • XYB Fire Extinguisher Calibration I
      • Model XBY calibrator is developed for calibration of internal pressure gauges of pressurized cylinder fire extinguishers used by the numerous manufacturers and repair works. As a result, the pressure in the cylinder will be indicated on the gauge accurately, thereby making the detection of fire extinguisher more visual.
    • The calibrator is made up of two parts, inflation system. It is characterized by safety, reliability, simple operation, high efficiency and great accuracy. It is an indispensable calibration device of fire extinguisher pressure gauges to manufacturers and repair works of fire control appliances.
      • Model GTM-LD carbon dioxide extingu
        • filling machine is special-purpose equipment for filling the carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent automatically into model MT2-MT7 portable type fire extinguisher.
      • Technical Parameters:
      • Voltage: 220V 50Hz
      • Filling pressure: 3-10Mpa
      • Environment temperature: 5-45 Celsius degree
      • Frozen arrange: around 10-15 Celsius degree compared with the environment temperature
        • Model GFM16-1 powder filler
          • Model GFM16-1 dry powder filler is a new product developed by our factory after absorbing the advantages of powder fillers at home and abroad. It can quickly suck dry powder into the cylinder and be directly filled in the cylinder of the extinguisher to be filled by vacuum fluidics; Technical parameters
        • Volume: 350*800*1200mm
        • Weight: 110kg
        • Voltage: AC 380V
        • Power: 1.1KW
        • Filling rate: 5kg/min
        • Filling residue: 1kg≤0.04
  • CE

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