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Product ID: 200SJ-5

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Description :Wet Tissue Machine
Type 200SJ-5 Automatic wet tissue machine
Functions and features,
The machine is used to producing wet tissue, it is consisted of original paper roller,
embossing pattern, folding, cutting, wetting and sanitizing, reclaim liquid, sealing, packing to finish products transfer out. The utilize frequency convert motor and touch screen make the machine easy to operate and high efficiency.
The machine has compact structure, easy to maintenance, run stable.
Main technique data:
1) Power supply 380V 50Hz
2) Installed power 3kW
3) Turnover 1000 to 2000 pieces per minute
4) Wet tissue unwind dimension 200*200 mm adjustable
5) Original paper dimension D1000*1050 mm
6) Fold Specification 200*100mm Adjustable
7) Overall dimension 4600*2450*1850 (length * width * height)
  • Tissue machine
    • fully automatic Tissue machine production line

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