Napkin machine

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Description :Lady's sanitary Napkin machine
Functions and features:
1) Formed with packing cotton core
2) Macromolecule adding equipment uses automatic adjustable device
3) Key parts implement phase regulating and can be readjusted without stopping
4) Vacuum conveying is carried to guarantee products with good stress, stability
and motionless on the belt
5) Fast and easy packing use a planetary gear system to change directions, while
maintaining stability and high speed
6) Forward fold and stick the peel off paper in the mean time
7) Press cut, high speed and beautiful appearance of package
8) The machine has stereo guard producing device
9) The machine enjoys advantages of smooth commission, low noise, fast
production and high reliability

Main technical data:
1) Power supply: 380V 50Hz
2) Total power: 48kW
3) Turnover: 150 - 200pcs/minute
4) Specification (L x W): 280 x 160mm
5) Yield: >95%
6) Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 17000 x 1200 x 2000mm
  • Napkin machine
    • Fully Automatic Napkin machine

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