KIT9G20 ARM Development Kit

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The AT91SAM9G20 is based on the ARM926EJ-S processor, with a clock speed of 400MHz. It features 32K byte instruction and 32K byte data cache memories, two 16K-byte blocks of SRAM and 64K bytes of ROM with single cycle access at maximum processor or bus speed, together with an external bus interface with controllers for SDRAM and static memories including NAND Flash and CompactFlash. The AT91SAM9G20 is a pin-compatible evolution of the AT91SAM9260, offering four times the cache and on-chip SRAM memory of its predecessor, and features improved error correction for external NAND Flash as well as an enlarged Ethernet FIFO that improves latency. Achieving half the power consumption at twice the clock frequency of the AT91SAM9260, it consumes only 80 mW in full-power mode with all peripherals turned on. The AT91SAM9G20 is targeted at power-constrained applications that also need high performance. These include point-of-sale terminals, building automation, security cameras and bar code readers.
  • Kit9G20 Highlights:
    • . CPU ATMEL ARM9 AT91SAM9G20, 400MHz ARM926EJ-S processor core
  • . 64MB SDRAM, 133MHz
    • Kit9G20 Highlights:
      • . 256MB NAND Flash, K9F2G080A
    • . 4MB Date Flash, AT45DB321D
      • Kit9G20 Highlights:
        • . 1 3-line UART0 (Debugging serial interface, the baud rate up-to 115200 and with signal indicator)
      • . 1 5-line UART1,the baud rate up-to 115200
        • Kit9G20 Highlights:
          • . 1 9-line UATR2,the baud rate up-to 115200
        • . 1 10/100M Ethernet RJ45 interface, with transfer and status indicator
          • Kit9G20 Highlights:
            • . 2 USB2.0 Full Speed Host, 1 USB2.0 Full Speed Device
          • . 1 Audio interface adopted WM8731S audio chip
  • Kit9G20 Highlights:
    • . 2 SD/MMC interfaces
  • . RTC
    • Kit9G20 Highlights:
      • 1 20-pin Multi-ICE JTAG interface
    • Kit9G20 Highlights:
      • . 1 Rest key, 6 user keys, 4 LEDs
    • . Power Supply: 12V
      • Kit9G20 Highlights:
        • . Linux2.6.27 is available now
      • Kit9G20 Highlights:
        • . 1 2mm pitch 50-pin Expansion connector led out address bus, data bus, read/write, chip selection, interrupt,I/O,4 A/D,the other 4 UARTs and many other signals

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