gem studed belly rings

gem studed belly rings

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Belly-rings are sexy, appealing and very powerful objects of attraction. When displayed with style and finesse it cannot be easily ignored. It will often draw the attention and may even invoke a comment be it disapproving or complimentary. But even though it has become popular in recent years, it is still seen has 'different' in many semi-conservative partially religious societies. Western society still isn't has liberal as it likes to think it is and the practice of navel piercings is still seen by a significant minority has unacceptable behaviour. The blatant display of the female form is seen as some as behaviour not becoming of religious law-abiding individuals
  • 1.6*10*5/8mm gem studed belly ring
    • 316l steel belly ring,with 2 jewel sets ball,more than 10 color,beutiful design,delivery date 15days.
  • jewel studed belly ring
    • MOQ 300PCS,can supply free sample before order,but you should pay shipping charge.

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