mono-wing labyrinth type drip irrigation belt production line

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Drip Irrigation Tube’s Application:
It’s suitable to arid, half arid area climatic conditions, such as Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet , Inner Mongolia, Shanxi etc. Apply to green house, various crops, Orchard, vineyard, cotton etc. field.

Features and advantages:
1. Inverter control for main motor, forming machine and haul off machine, save power, even running and low noise.
2. To measure Semi-finished tube diameters is controlled by CCD chip (Toshiba of Japan) and MCU min chip (ATMEL of U.S.A) Chip, and to PWM signal. Fast speed, stability and good control.
3. Main machine, speed reducer are adapted to hard gear speed reducer, screw, barrel material is 38CrMoAl. With nitrogen treatment; hardness: HV800-900, during, high plasticization. AI-cast heater and automatic fan cooling are for temperature controlling.
4. Forming wheel is made of excellent steel, Anti-corrosion, long life.
.economical and practical

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