Plan and Actual Counter

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Plan and Actual counter lets you pace your production line with automatic production counting and display.
  • High Visibility 4" LED display
    • Lets you see the display from up to 15 meters away in daylight
  • Power fail memory
    • Retains the count values, time and settings even if power fails during operation or during generator change over.
  • Opto Isolated Inputs
    • All inputs are safety protected with opto isolated inputs to allow any type of machine or switch input from the factory floor.
  • Universal power supply
    • Works from 90VAC to 250VAC anywhere in the world
  • 2Kg weight
    • Very light weight and can be suspeded by a chain from the factory ceiling or hung on a wall
  • See the production count live
    • Software allows supervisor to see ongoing production rates from his station.
  • Networking up to 32 stations
    • RS485 or TCP network allows up to 32 plan counters to be connected on the newtork. Now you can monitor the factory production from your office or anywher in the world
  • Unique predictive software
    • Now know how much your factory will produce within one hour of production start or know how long your factory will take to finish the target quantity within one our of factory start
  • Easy setting
    • Setting from the network or manually on each machine with easy to configure two button interface.
  • Setting on machine
    • Set time, plan value, lunch time, shift start time and watch the plan counter work daily to increase your productivity

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