spray booth BZB-8400

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Cabin System
Wallboard: EPS Colorful Steel Skin Boards, 50mm Thick, Anti-flame and Heat-Insulation Galvanized Roof Panel
Basement: Galvanized Steel Sheet and Square Steel Pipe assembling, Two Rows Grid & Three Embossed Plate
Ramp: Two Ramps, Embossed Steel Plates.
Air Intake and Exhaust System
Inhaling Ventilator Model: YDW 4.5L1
Rolling speed: 900rpm Power: 4kw Quantity: 2 sets
Exhaust VentilatoBlower capacity: 15000m3/h Pressure: 810Pa
Rolling speed: 900rpm Power: 5.5kw Quantity: 1set
Air Purification System Dual Filtering Structure, Its Filtering Rate Reaches 98%.
Heating System
Burner Italy Riello Brand, G20 Diesel Burner, 180000Kcal/h, 10N Damp Motor
Heat Energy Converter, Stainless Steel, Argon Arc Welding, The Heat Exchange Rate 85%
Max Temp: 80C, Heating Time: 5-7min(20-60C), Fuel Consumption: 4-5kg/vehicle Light System
Ceiling Light: 24 pcs 36w Philips Lamp; Bottom Light: 16 pcs 36w Philips Lamp, Electric controlling system
Micro-Computer Programme Controlling,
Alarm Environmental System
Multi-Layer Fiberglasss Filter
  • Outside Size: (mm) 7000x5560x3430
    • Outside Size: (mm) 7000x5560x3430
  • Front Door: (mm) 3000(w)x2700(h)
  • Inside Size: (mm) 6900x4000x2800
  • Total Power: (km) 16
  • nice appearance and good quality
    • well and quality control customer’s design and logo are welcome competitive prices
  • earth friendly products in a variety of design OEM accepted
  • CE and ISO9001:2000

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