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Renault Key Prog allow you to add a blank key or card for many of Renault and Dacia cars via OBD-2 socket. You do not need any PIN code! Software would program keys/cards AUTOMATICALLY. Also, you can change VIN number in UCH module (immobilizer), for example, if your UCH module was previously used on another car.
1.Very simple and user-friendly software interface
2.You do not need any PIN codes or access to
3.You can program up to 4 blank keys/cards
4.Automatic remote control unit programming
5.You can change VIN if immobilizer module was used previously
6.VIN checksum check
7.10 minutes delay was removed

The package includes:
2.User manual
3.USB Interface

Supported Carlist :
Clio II Ph2/3, 2002-2006
Espace IV, 2003-2006
Espace IV Ph2, 2006+
Kangoo MUX Ph2, 2002-2007
Laguna II, 2000-2005
Laguna II Ph2, 2005-2007
Logan, 2004-2008 - New!!!
Logan Ph2, 2008+ - New!!!
Master Ph2, 2002-2006
Master Ph3, 2007+ - New!!!
Megane II, 2003-2006
Megane II Ph2, 2007+
Sandero, 2008+ - New!!!
Scenic II, 2003+
Scenic II Ph2, 2007+
Solenza, 2003-2005 - New!!!
Trafic II, 2002-2006
Trafic II Ph2, 2007+ - New!!!
Twingo Ph2, 2002-2007 - New!!!
Velsatis, 2002+
Velsatis Ph2, 2006+

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