Thread Rolling Dies

Thread Rolling Dies

Screw Forming Dies, Nut Forming Dies, Fasteners Mould

Product ID: Thread Rolling Dies

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In order to make your best fasteners production, Chein Fa is your wise choice absolutely.

With ripe professional technique, we believe we could deal well with all of your demands in fasteners tooling, even find out the solution way of problems under your production, because our engineers are engaged in this field for nearly 30 years. We are always keeping the mind to design a work of “ Art ” to make the tooling you required. So we request every dimension of a tooling very strictly to expect to reach the perfect level. We entirely know any tooling without defect is important for you, so do we.

Welcome to contact us with your inquiry for all kinds of fasteners tooling. Also we more welcome your inquiry for complete sets of tooling of a fasteners forming machine (no matter what your machine is belonged to Screw Forming or Nut Forming).
  • Thread Rolling Dies
    • Good Performance for screw threads forming
  • Second Punch & Punch Pins
    • Good Performance for Screw Recess Forging
  • Trimming Dies
    • Good Performance for Screw Head Trimming
  • Tungsten Carbide Dies
    • Good Performance for Screw Wire Froming
  • Carbide Multi-Station Main Dies A
    • Good Performance for Nuts Forming
  • Excellent Fasteners Moulds
    • All of our products as listed are made of the best appropriate tooling material, such as High-Speed Steel, Tungsten Carbide, etc. and passed through the high quality control. They could be bore by high speed wearing and forging under normal condition. Also you can easily set up them with your fasteners forming machines.
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