Ferric oxide

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1. Molecular formula: Fe2O3
2. Appearance: bright, pure maroon powder
3. Performance: excellent chemical properties, its high temperature, light, anti-aging, acid, alkali and other very stable. Strong performance is a kind of rust color.
4. Uses: In the paint, coatings industry, mainly used for iron oxide red antirust paint that can completely replace the red lead, and the price much lower than the red lead; in the construction industry, for architectural surface coloring. Such as: all kinds of terrazzo, artificial marble, architectural coatings and ceramic color pigments, mosaic, glazed ceramic tiles coloring, etc.; can be used in plastics, rubber, asbestos products, matches, paper, glass polishing, ink, color and other advertising.
Packing:Plastia packing 25KG/Bag
  • red powder
    • Red iron oxide, there are two models: Type 130 and Type 190
  • bule powder
  • brown powder
  • black powder
  • yellow powder

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