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It is suitable for any flat surface material such as board,flooring,furniture,door and mouldings
  • working width
    • 600mm
  • 1000mm
  • 1300mm
    • working thickness
      • 2-60mm
    • feeding speed
      • 5-20m/min
    • demensions
      • 1600mm*1500mm*1300mm
    • 1600mm*20300mm*1300mm
    • 1600mm*2400mm*1300mm
      • feeding power
        • 0.75kw
      • 0.75kw
      • 1.5kw
  • useful
    • This machine is used for coating & painting furniture, floor, door, artwork and shutter etc material. It can make the paint surface to be smooth, exquisite, and no color difference
  • roller
    • The application roller and doctor roller are controlled independently by inverter and reducer, which can enhance the working precision
  • PU doctor scraper
    • Imported PU doctor scraper is abrasive and solvent resistant
  • maintenance and clean
    • This machine is designed with each separate device to ensure easy maintenance and clean
  • reclain
    • This machine can coat all kinds of paint, such as PU UV NC and so on. And the paint can be reclaimed without wastage

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