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Offering tungsten carbide products such as carbide shims, chipbreakers, carbide inserts for pcd or pcbn, drilling bits, wear parts, drawing dies, cold forging dies and customized products.
  • Tungsten Mechanically Clamped Inser
    • 1. Various complicated shaped woodworking inserts.
  • 2. Advanced technology, improved mechanical properties, good weld ability and high wear resistance.
  • 3. More than 1, 000 types and sizes, delivery in short order.
  • 4.Or according to your specification.
    • Oil Drilling Tips/ Mining Bits /min
      • We offer Tungsten Carbide Rock drilling tips. These kinds of tips are using for rock drilling, Road Milling, constructions tools tips etc. The main types are: Type K0\Type HCK2\Type HCK3\Type HCK10\Type HCK20\Type HCK21\Type HCK22\Type HCK23\Type HCK30 and so on. Whats more, we can do them according the customers chemical compositions.
    • New technology, new material, stable in mechanical properties, easy soldering, high wear resistance and high impact resistance.
      • tungsten carbide blasting Nozzle
        • Sand-blasting and removing rust on the bottom of ship. High wear resistant. High corrosion resistance.
      • particularly for the decontamination of radioactive members by means of a jet formed from a mixture of water and abrasive particles.
      • slurry nozzle :widely used in the field of oil industry.
      • we are the leading manufacturers of various types of nozzles, spray nozzles and also manufacture and supply nozzles for custom requirements.
        • tungsten carbide bush/Sleeve
          • 1.used for water pump, oil pump and other pumps, especially used for high pressure or corrosion resistance poumps.
        • 2.has a good wear resistance
        • 3.keeping operation precision, prolong the lifetime of rolling axletree.
        • 4.good materials, perfect performance, high machining accuracy,has high reputation all over the world.
        • 5.various types and grades, supplied as required
  • Carbide Seal Rings
    • Good material, advanced process, stable mechanical properties, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance; Various products with complicated shape, either blanks or finished products can be provided.
  • Tungsten Carbide Strips
    • We can offer many kinds of tungsten carbide strips, which is including types like HCATB\HCBAB\HCBA\HCBB\ HCBC\HCFAB and so on. And we can also produce that according to your drawings.
  • Valve Ball and Seat
    • Tungsten carbide balls are used where extreme hardness and wear resistance is required; in such applications as bearings, ball screws, valves and flow meters. These balls are also used for coining and as pivots, detents and tips for gauges and tracers. Tungsten carbide itself is practically inert and extremely strong. Any attack is usually on the binder. Since other material is less expensive, the selection of tungsten carbide solely for corrosion resistance is usually not justified. In highly corrosive conditions, carbides with a more resistant binder can be supplied.
  • ISO9001:2000

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