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VCI powder is a kind of water soluble corrosion inhibiting product, which is applicable to the dry or wet corrosion inhibition in the closed space. After gasification, VCI powder forms a protective layer on the metal surface to prevent the metal from direct contact with oxygen and water molecule in the air, and further to prevent the metal surface corrosion effectively.
Product Advantages:
1.Be applicable to the metal corrosion inhibition for enveloped and closed space
2.Free from heavy metal, nitrite, phosphate, etc.
3.The metal needs no surface pretreatment
4.Be applicable to various black and nonferrous metals
Typical Physicochemical Characteristics:
Appearance: white crystal powder
PH value: :6.5~6.9 (1% water solution)
Water solubility: 15%
Term of corrosion inhibition: more than 2 years

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