2-input Burglar Alarm for Electronic Exhibits

Product ID: JB-5022

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JB-5022 2-input Alarm Device for Electronic Exhibits
This alarm is designed for simultaneously protecting 2 pcs of displayed articles. It can be widely used for security & alarm for diversified small electronic displayed articles or consumer electronic articles in IT retail stores and supermarkets.

Many functions are available for this alarm, such as low voltage indication, alarm source indication, disassembly-proof alarm, sound & light indication (for alarm), exterior power supply input, spare power supply, reset by key, long standby, flexible assembly, simultaneously protecting 2 articles, compatible with any electronic sensors from our factory, etc. functions.

Provided JB-58 (electronic sensor) is selected for working together with this alarm, display can be more secure & perfect.

* Main Technical Parameters for JB-5022 Alarm
1. Product size: 11.5x4.2x2.4Cm
2. Weight: 40g (battery not included)
3. Electronic sensor signal input: Standard RJ11
4. Alarm output: Optional
5. Alarm volume: 85-105db
6. Battery power supply: 1 pc of 9V battery
7. Exterior power supply adapter: DC 6V input. Working voltage for adapter is AC 110V-220V.
8. Maximum standby time: 12 months
9. Low voltage indication:
Yellow LED light is normal on. Sound & light indication function for alarm is also available as option. Kindly make statement of your specific requirement in advance (when you place order with us)!
10. Alarm indication: Red LED is twinkling
11. Exterior power supply indication: Green LED is normal on.
12. Alarm can be reset by key.
13. There is disassembly-proof alarm function
14. Shell material: ABS

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