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high quality and low price.we can also manufacture according to customers. specific requirement.
  • high quality
    • DNC series cylinders are manufactured according to ISO6431 standard, with the bore size from 32mm to 100mm
  • reasonable price
    • different material will have different prices, the price is based on its material
  • wide range of selection
    • different sizes are available for you to choose from, we can also manufacture according to customers' need.
  • handsome appearance
  • modernized design
    • 1.Modernized design and structure can save space of 11% compared with common standard cylinder,
  • which makes system structure more compact
    • Proximity transducer
      • Proximity transducer is flush mounted inside sensor groove, on one hand, there is no need of extra
    • mounting package, on the other hand, it can prevent sensor from mechanical damage.
      • buffer
        • Extra buffering ring at terminal place can absorb residual energy of movement at a high speed and
      • machine circulation.
        • free installation
          • Accessories are abundant in variety, which makes cylinder can be installed almost at any places.
  • yes

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