Transformer paper and paperboard

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We specialize in developing and supplying insulating paper & pressboard applied in transformers, motors etc. Should you find any item you need, pls feel free to contact us:
-Insulating paper (fish paper) Natural color, blue, red, green...
Widely applied in generators, instruments, electrical appliances, and also applied in making polyester composite foil(6520)

-Kraft paper
Commonly used as coils and layers insulation in oil transformer due to the excellent ability of dielectric oil absorption. It's also applied in electrical motors, capacitors, and other electrical equipments.

-DDP(diamond dotted paper)
Widely used as coils and layers insulation in oil immerged transformers and destribution transformers.

-Vulcanized paper board
Be suitable for washers, gaskets, insulating plates, switch and appliance insulation, electric motor insulation, automobile parts, luggage, patterns, abrasive grinding discs and many other applications.

-Crepe paper
Widly applide used as insulation in medium and high voltage distribution, power, current, and potential transformers.

-Transformer paper board
Widely applied in transformers, capacitors, and other electrical instruments.
  • Technical Datasheet
    • Datasheet is available accroding to customer's requirement.
  • DDP
    • Thickness: 0.08?.005 to 0.50 0.001 mm
  • Width 1000 5mm, special dimensions on request.
    • Insulating Paper
      • Thickness: 0.10-0.50mm
    • Width 1000mm, special dimensions on request.
      • Transformer paperboard
        • Thickness: 1.0-10mm
      • Dimension: 1000 x 2000mm, 2030 x 4200mm, special dimensions on request.

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