Whole house RO system

Product ID: RO-50D

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1.Adopt 1 to 6 passes of filtration to treat civil tap water
2.Output pure water about 45 Gallon per day
3.Save money about 400 USD for a housedhold drinkable water
4.Sanitary and health, avoid second pollution
5.Made in China and apply Chinese premium spare parts
6.Direct manufacture prices
Our company mainly manufacture & sell various water treatment equipments, including pure water equipments, mineral water equipments, industrial & household RO system, brackish water/seawater desalination equipments, water supply for pharmacy, electronic and farmland and bottled liquid package equipments etc. We also manufacture series products for large scale water treatment projects, civil pipeline direct drinking water and for multi-function central distributor for different water supplies as well.
  • Multi stage filtration and RO tech
    • Apply multi stage filtration and RO to remove impurities
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Qualified components
    • Apply Chinese qualified components
  • Save money
    • Save about 400USD for a whold house for a year
  • Direct manufacture prices

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