(ZJB series) vacuum transformer oil purifier

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This oil purifier use solid flash evaporation which is on the top of international, with many latest patent skill. It is largely used in the area of electric factory, station and company, transformer industry, railway, petrochemical industry, metallurgy etc. It is one special oil purification equipment used for some ineligible insulation oil that used for transformer, mutual inductor and switch, it is also the best choice for vacuum oiling of electric power group.


1.the oil purifier use special duplex space solid flash evaporation, can remove the water content and gas rapidly, this system need no maintain.
2.Trash extraction technology composed by reticulation filtration and high macular adsorption, use excellent quality filter, can contain a large amount of waste, encrypt progressive, high precision, more than one degrade purifier.
3.Safe heat system, the most excellent pipeline, make sure there is no died oil area.
4.Double infrared ray liquid control automatically, control inlet and outlet the oil smoothly, to achieve man separate with machine really.
5.the oil recycling can be used absolutely and also can used with oil regeneration system, it can deacidification ,
decoloring, reduce the device, PH value, then enhance the insulation value of oil.
6.This machine can be used in vacuum oiling and vacuum dryness of insulation electrical device.
7.It can be used for testing insulator withstand voltage and print the result.(ZJB-T Series)
8.This machine has the ability of vacuum oiling and can electrification operate every degrade of transformer oil.
9. There is trinity interlock and protection device(phase protection, thrashing protection,
Overexpressure protection),use the precision oil pump special design by our company, low noise, can satisfy the high standard of international.


This kind of oil purifier is high efficiency vacuum oil purifier, it adopt the technology of trinitration flash evaporation, and the trash extraction technology is composed by double reticulation filtration and high macular material filtration, so the effect is 5-8times higher than the common machine. It is also very low waste.
  • ISO9001

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