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CH-T Series of ozone generators are very reliable, which have wide applications and low running cost. Its sterilization and disinfection functions are used in a variety of application fields of commercial, medical treatment and industrial ozone such as aquiculture, clean water treatment, sewage treatment, waste gas treatment, food and beverage processing, refrigeration and fresh-keeping.
Features of CH-T Series:
1. High-tech power supply unit (PSU)
The high-Tech power supply unit (PSU) is the kernel technology of this series of products which include two (2) major processing: frequency conversion and pressure increase. It has rather high load capacity and multi-protection function which are stable and high efficient.
2. Use anti-oxidation and corrosion-resistant materials (polyfluortetraethylene, components made of stainless steel 316L)
3. Use patent of utility model – the ozone generator is equipped with internal and external air cooling ceramic tube, large cooling area, easy heat dissipation, low temperature rise and high efficiency.
4. CH-T Series have rigid housing, light weight and compact dimensions, which can be hanged on the wall.
5. Save air supply with low power consumption and high efficiency.
6. No breakdown with easy integration and maintenance, and a long service life.
Controls of CH-T Series:
Feedback voltage meter Feedback current meter Time relay
Air supply switchover switch Work instruction Current indicator
  • High-tech power supply unit
    • two (2) major processing: frequency conversion and pressure increase
  • anti-oxidation materials
    • polyfluortetraethylene, components made of stainless steel 316L

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