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CIMC SHANDONG is the most unique collection of Refrigerated and Insulated van manufacturer. The product quality not only meets the German industry standards, but also won Europe, "ATP" certificates. The technology and equipments of the Producing is all introduced from Germany equipment, Based on it we developed. All-close panel, adhesive structure with the type of building block, Freon-free polyurethane vesicant material
For the Van truck producing, CIMC ShanDong is the first to use the special composite materials panel for the dry goods van vehicles in China. Using the Aluminum material and the entire composite panel to create the van body is not approached by the other the other welding, Riveting and small plate mosaic approach, which we have got the patent in China.
(patent number : 96228921.3).
  • Light in weight
    • 40% lighter than metal body
  • Better insulation
    • K value less than 0.3w/m2k.
  • High in strength and long life
    • 5 times longer than metal body

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