card reader cleaning card CR80

Product ID: CCC10018

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This is a standard cleaning card for common card reader, such as POS Card Readers, Credit/Debit Card Readers, Swipe ATMs, IC card reader, Pay phone, Access control, ID access&Time clock, Hotel door lock, Gas station, transit card reader, PVC card printers etc.
This cleaning card can safely and effectively remove all dirt, magnetic oxides and other contaminants from all types of concealed magnetic heads. As you know, card brings some dirt ,sweat and other pollution during it's using, at the same time, card readers also are polluted in air at long using ,This cleaning card will help you solve all these problems.
Material: white nonwoven fabric/plastic core
Dimension (inch): 2.1(+/-0.04)×3.345(+/-0.04)
Dimension (mm):53.34(+/-1.0) ×84.96(+/-1.0)
Thickness (inch):0.036(+/-0.002), 0.033(+/-0.002), 0.03(+/-0.002)
Thickness (mm):0.92(+/-0.05), 0.84(+/-0.05), 0.76(+/-0.05)
Solution: IPA 99.9%
Volume: 3ml(+/-0.5)
  • CCC10018-07
    • 0.76mm thickness
  • CCC10018-08
    • 0.84mm thickness
  • CCC10018
    • 0.92mm thickness

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