ATM magnetic cleaning card

Product ID: CCM10029

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This ATM encoded cleaning card is specially designed for cleaning ATM with shutter and other bank-info equipments of various brands, such as NCR,DIEBOLD,HITACHI,WINCOR NIXDORF,OMRON etc.
This is single-side pre-saturated cleaning card. It can be smoothly inserted into any brands ATMs with shutter.The cleaning layer is a kind of non-woven fabric with high absorptivity, It can absorb abundant cleaning solution.The cleaning solution contains high pure IPA.So this card can clean quickly and effectively the contaminations of ATMs.
  • Non-woven fabric cleaning layer
    • 86mmX54mmX0.9mm
  • high absorptivity
    • This cleaning layer has very strong absorptivity and can absorb abundant cleaning solution.
  • durable
    • This cleaning layer is durable and don't fluff.

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