ATM cleaning card

Product ID: CCM10039

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This card is also specially designed for cleaning ATM with shutter and other bank-info equipments of various brands, such as NCR,DIEBOLD,HITACHI,WINCOR NIXDORF,OMRON etc.
This is single-side pre-saturated cleaning card. It can be smoothly inserted into any brands ATMs with shutter.The single-side cleaning layer is a kind of flock-coating with high absorptivity, It can absorb abundant cleaning solution.The cleaning solution contains high pure IPA.So this card can clean quickly and effectively the contaminations of ATMs.What's more, after you can use this card once, you can turn it around and use again. Thus ATMs will be more completely cleaned.
  • CCM10039
    • 86mmX54mmX0.9mm
  • flocking cleaning layer
    • flocking cleaning layer can work like a brush and clear the dirts and other pollutants.
  • high absorptivity
    • flocking can absorn a large of cleaning solution and fastly clean the magnetic head and rollers,tapes etc.

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