CNC lathe CK6120

Product ID: CK6120

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Standard type
Full-auto centralized lubricating system for guide
Swallowtail-shaped groove guide quenched by super audio-frequency way
Pnematic Spring clamping chuck Line-up Tooling
Hydraulic chuck
Servo unit go form a semi-sealed system
Specification Technical Data
Max. Swing over Bed φ350mm
Max. Swing over Slide φ80mm
Max. Turning Dia. φ350mm
Max. Turning Length 200mm
Max. Travels on X Axis 400mm
Max. Travels on Z Axis 200mm(No Tailstock)
Rapid Feed on X Axis 12000mm/min
Rapid Feed on Z Axis 12000mm/min
Repetitive Accuracy on X Axis 0.01mm
Repetitive Accuracy on Z Axis 0.01mm
Spindle Bore φ32mm
Spindle Nose A2-5
Spindle Bore Taper With Standard 5C Collet Chuck
Power of Main Motor 1.5/2Kw(Special)
Spindle Speed Range 100-4000RPM(Stepless)
Tooling Line-up
Tool Size 20x20mm
Overall Dimensions 1565x1184x1696mm
Machine Weight 810Kg
  • Standard Frequency Type
    • 1、GSK980TB1System
  • 2、Three-phase hybrid stepper motor
  • 3、INVT 2.2KW transducer
  • 4、Special Main Motor
  • 5、Combined with frame for rows of tool
  • 6、Photoelectricity coder
  • 7、Gasdynamic meter chuck
  • 8、Cooling water pump
  • 9、full-automatic centralized lubricating system
  • 10、Hand pulse generator
  • 11、Rotate speed100-4000circle/min(stepless)
  • 12、Entire seal metal plate
    • Standard servo type
      • 1、  Beijing KND K1Ti System
    • 2、  Standard Servo drivers and servo power-driven
    • 3、  INVT 2.2KW transducer
    • 4、  4、Special Main Motor
    • 5、  Rotate speed100-4000circle/min(stepless)
    • 6、Others in accordance with the configuration of Standard Frequency Type
  • ISO 9001:200

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