Lcd monitor 19inch

Lcd monitor 19inch

dynamic taxi top advertising equipment

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dynamic taxi top advertising equipment
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Taxi-top advertising is a high impact marketing medium that reaches almost everyone in the city, at eye-level, in great repetition, day and night, here and there. The low cost and high visibility of taxi-top advertising make it one of the lowest cost CPM advertising channels available.

Hot point:

1-World first dynamic taxi top ads, Scrolling 5 advertising pictures in each side, this equipment can show 10 advertising pictures in total and 5 pictures in each side, people can see pictures switch from one to another, 5~10 times more effective advertising value than normal taxi top fixed advertising, investment on this equipment can come back in way of highly effective advertising.

2-Super attention attractor, human eyes pay much more attention to dynamic moving things rather than things keeping still, this greatly helps to get several times more attention from around audience, which leads to better results of brand, company advertising,

3-Beautiful scenery at night. This equipment itself is impressive pretty scenery, especially at night; it makes the city more beautiful.
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