pre bonded hair extension

Product ID: Human Hair

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1. Material: 100% natural human hair.
2. Usual weight: 0. 5 gram/each strand, 0. 8 gram/each strand, 1. 0 gram/each strand. Other special requirements can be meeted according to your requirements.
3. Color available: Any color including mixed colors, piano colors and others.
4. Size available: from 6 inches to 32 inches.
Our Hair Products Lines:
1. Human hair products:
Pre bonded hair extensions (U-tip, V-tip and I-tip), clips on hair extensions, easy loop hair extensions, human hair weave, human hair weave with micro ring attached (EZ weft), skin weft, hand-tied hair weave, full lace wigs, toupees and machine made human hair wigs and so on.
2. Synthetic hair products:
Jumbo braids, synthetic hair weave, synthetic hair pieces, synthetic hair wigs and so on.
3. Training head and Mannequin head.
4. Hair extension tools:
Micro ring, copper ring, shrinkable tube, pulling needle, thread needle, adhesive tape, snap clip, section clip, extension brush, fusion connector, glue nail tips, finger protector, PVC protector, PVC organizer, glue stick, glue gun, glue grains, glue hotpot, hair comb, drawing mat, weave thread, weave needle, bond remover and so on.
  • 0.5 gram/strand
  • 0.6 gram/strand
  • 0.8 gram/strand
  • 1.0 gram/strand
  • Stick hair extension
  • nail hair extension
  • V-tip hair extension
  • easy hair extension

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