winding machine

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Applications for:

PP, PE and PET tapes,
Aluminium coated tapes,
Rubber tapes,
Teflon tapes,
Single- and double-sided adhesive tapes,
Paper tapes,
Non-woven tapes,
Monofilaments from PP, PES, PE, PA

Excellent package quality and reproducible yarn package formation,
Electronic input of all winding parameters,
High flexibility and a wide range of applications, especially for delicate material
Apply to different kinds of thread, and tube with different of inside diameter and length.

Technical Parameters:
Width/diameter of material:1.5-40mm
Winding ratio: electronic
Drive: servo-driven
Frame: 3-tier
Winding speed: max. 450 m/min
Package diameter: max. 400 mm
Traverse length: adjustable up to 250mm (600mm)
Tube inside diameter: 29.8; 76.2 or 152.4 mm

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