High-Speed Automatic film Laminating Machine (Water/Oil/Pre-Coated)

Product ID: HQFM-1000

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HQFM-1000 automatic high speed laminating machine is a machine sepecially designed for water-based glue, which also can be supplied to laminate with oil glue as well as pre-coated film. At first, the glue is coated on plastic film and dried through one large drying cylinder. Meanwhile, the feeder feeds the paper, which should be processed by the powder remover firstly into front guide and moves into laminating unit then. In this unit, the paper is laminated with glued film by pressing roller with heat and pressure. Drying cylinder and pressing roller is done by using Hot water circulation system, which owns function of quick heating and accurate temperature control. The laminated paper could be rewind or break off. Both manual collection and automatic delivery are available.