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We are a leading manufacturer of advanced ceramic products from China. We supply quality technical ceramics with competitive price.

Our fine ceramics were exported to Japan, Europe, U.S.A., the properties are creditable.

Our available materials for sale are, High purity alumina, Yttria stabilized zirconia, Silicon carbide, steatite, cordierite, mullite ceramics, metalized ceramics, etc.

Our general ceramic parts include, tube, rod, plate, disc, wafer, ring, seal, bearing, valves, pump plunger, beam, roller, shaft, screw, washer, sleeve, hunger, spacer, holder, carrier, insulator, scissors, knife, slitter, tweezers, tools, fixture, clamp, chuck, nozzle, guide, frame, lining, and grinding media, milling ball or beads.

These precision toleranced ceramic components or assemblies are used in a wide range of semiconductor, electronic, electrical, mechanical, chemical, automotive, textile and the other industrial engineering applications, due to their extreme hardness, more resistances to wear, heat, corrosion, high electric insulation, and low thermal expansion.

We provide extreme large, mini, thin ceramic components, and all kinds of precision tolerances.

"Shanghai Companion Precision Ceramics Co., Ltd.", it's easy to find in internet.

We offer custom service, free quotes, and quantity discount, contact us to get our best offer, buy wholesale from us to save your cost.
.Precision toleranced ceramic parts

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