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Product ID: CT-1050-02

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Coin tissue (functional/environmental-friendly/biodegradable/clean and hygienic for well-being)

* Clean and well-being coin tissue is a hygienic luxurious spandex non woven fabric made by 100% natural pulp without any additives. Also it is a biodegraded environmental-friendly product.
* The features of coin tissue are as follows:
1. being small as a coin, easy to carry the tissue.
2. both hot and cold water available to control the temperature of the tissue.
3. being made by 100% natural pulp, safe on the skin.
4. biodegradable, environmental-friendly product.
5. you may insert the tissue in other liquids to use it as a functional tissue.
6. you may utilize it as a promotional purpose since it may be sealed with your company logo.
7. it is widely been used in restaurants, hotels, coffee shop, meeting rooms, families, and airplane service too.

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