DCP ( Dicumyl Peroxide)

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1. Crossing linking agent for insulation rubber & plastic cables: PE , EVA , EPT , XLPE
2. Vulcanizing agent for ERP & EPT3 in Adhesive and synthetic coating industry. It is also used in the production of conveyor belts industry.
3. Catalyst for Polyester resin, Allyl resins and for bulk Polymerization of Styrene.
4. Cross linking agent for EVA foam, DCP will enhance better than other foamed materials in lightweight, coloration and abrasion-resistance. It has become as an essential ingredient for making sandals, slippers and shoe soles
  • Packing Information
    • DCP 99.5% 16MT/FCL(20KG/CARTON)
  • DCP 40C 16MT/FCL
  • 5kg/bag 4 bags are put in one carton